Focus on the Five Practices Complete Set

By Robert Schnase Published
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Focus on the Five Practices: A Congregation-Wide Initiative!

Based on the book, Five Practices of a Fruitful Congregation by Bishop Robert Schnase

Imagine a congregation-wide focus on these practices that includes a five week sermon series, five weeks with every household reading daily devotions and sharing prayers on these practices, five weeks of leadership teams and small groups stimulated to take new initiatives, five weeks of conversation and commitment focused on the mission of the church. These are the practices that lead to excellence and fruitfulness, and they can change your church. Imagine! 

Focus on the Five Practices - Complete Set includes one of each resource associated with the "Focus on the Five Practices: A Congregation-Wide Initiative" developed by Bishop Schnase. A savings of 10% over ordering individually!

The following resources are included:

The original book by Bishop Schnase
Five Practices of a Fruitful Congregation

Five Practices Leader Manual and Media
Contains the Director's Manual and DVDs to lead group sessions on each of the Five Practices

Devotional book for the entire congregation
Cultivating Fruitfulness: Five Weeks of Prayer and Practice for Congregations

A participant guide for group study on each of the Five Practices
Five Practices — Radical Hospitality
Five Practices — Passionate Worship
Five Practices — Intentional Faith Development
Five Practices — Risk-taking Mission and Service
Five Practices — Extravagant Generosity

About the Author

Robert Schnase

Robert Schnase is bishop of the Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Church. Previously, he served as pastor of First United Methodist Church, McAllen, Texas. Schnase is the author of Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, a best-selling book on congregational ministry that has ignited a common interest among churches and their leaders around its themes of radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and service, and extravagant generosity. Five Practices has reached a global community with translations in Korean, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, and German. Robert is also the author of Cultivating Fruitfulness, The Balancing Act, Five Practices of Fruitful Living, Ambition in Ministry, and Testing and Reclaiming Your Call to Ministry. Robert lives in Columbia, Missouri.