Lead Like Butler

Six Principles for Values-Based Leaders

By Kent Millard, Judith Cebula Published
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Leadership principles from college basketball's favorite underdog

Brad Stevens is a great coach, admired and respected for developing winning teams year after year. His patience and never-give-up attitude will take him a long way as Coach of the Boston Celtics. - Larry Bird, Boston Celtics 1978-1992; President, Basketball Operations Indiana Pacers

Coach Brad Stevens made Butler University the first team to make 2 consecutive finals of the NCAA basketball tournament without being seeded #1 or #2.

Lead Like Butler is a must read for any college basketball fan. - Chris Coddington, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

...a must read for those who desire to win in life, as well as in the arena of competition. - Jim McCoy, KDOV-TV & KDOV-FM

What becomes quickly apparent is that the enduring ideas of humility, passion, teamwork, service, gratitude, and accountability prove applicable tenants in all aspects of life. - James M. Danko, President, Butler University

Anyone who desires a more authentic pathway toward leadership and excellence will benefit from learning to “Lead Like Butler.” - Michael Coyner, bishop, Indiana Area of The United Methodist Church

Butler's rise to the top wasn't a fluke. This is a must read for others wanting to achieve greatness. - Billy Shepherd, Butler University, Class of 1972, and Indiana's "Mr. Basketball-1968"

Whether at work, at home, or even at play, the values of humility, passion, unity, service, thankfulness, and accountability can help you shape your group into a successful example for others. - Jamie Phillippe, Board of Trustees, Butler University, Class of 1973

Lead Like Butler is an important contribution to the canon of leadership literature on and off the hardwood. - Jennifer L. Bougher, Esq. Arent Fox, LLP (New York), member of Butler University Alumni Association Board of Directors


Lead Like Bulter offers valuable insight into what has enabled a once unknown coach take a cone unknown college basketball program to the sport’s greatest stage. This is not only a “must read” for coaches, but for those who desire to win in life, as well as in the arena of competition.
—Jim McCoy, KDOV-TV and KDOV-FM, 2012 Oregon Association of Broadcasters Sports Announcer of the Year, Non-Commercial Division

Lead Like Butler is a must read for any college basketball fan. It gives a glimpse of the story of the Bulldogs while showing how these 6 principles play out daily. This book will inspire everyone on and off the court how to lead the right way using these biblical principles.
--Chris Coddington, Area Director, Central Indiana, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Lead Like Butler relies on the wisdom of books such as Leading Change: The Argument For Values Based Leadership and Good to Great while incorporating the living examples of values based leadership embodied by Butler athletes, coaching staff, and administrators. The principles set forth by Tony Hinkle, articulated by Dick Bennett in meetings with Barry Collier, publicly posted by Thad Matta and used now for years with all Butler athletes; have proven to be substantive foundations to personal and athletic successes. What drives the message of this book is the spirit of The Butler Way as it is evidenced in the stories of the coaches and students at Butler. What becomes quickly apparent is that the enduring ideas of: humility, passion, teamwork, service, gratitude and accountability prove applicable tenants in all aspects of life.
--James M. Danko, President, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana

About the Authors

Kent Millard

Kent Millard is a Gratitude Coach for thousands of congregations in the Midwest and former senior pastor of St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has served as a member of the leadership team for the Academy of Spiritual Formation program sponsored by the Upper Room. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Judith Cebula

Judith Cebula directs the Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler University. It is an initiative dedicated to religious pluralism and to helping students discover unique lives of purpose, meaning and contribution.

Judith came to Butler in 2003 after a nearly 15-year career in daily newspaper journalism, including ten years as a religion writer for The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News. A native of Cincinnati, she is a graduate of Indiana University in journalism and history and is now completing a master’s degree inhistory at Butler. Her research is on the history of two urban Indianapolis Catholic monasteries. Judith, her husband Mike Redmond, and their daughter Elizabeth are members of St. Thomas Aquinas parish in Indianapolis. They live in downtown Indianapolis.