The Abingdon Introduction to the Bible

Understanding Jewish and Christian Scriptures

By Joel S. Kaminsky, Mark Reasoner, Joel N. Lohr Published
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The Bible: enduring truths, lasting influence, complex relationships, and relevant approaches for living.

This comprehensive introduction to the various collections of biblical literature used by Jews, Catholics, and Protestants gives the beginner clear, concise, and engaging entries into each book while covering major controversies. The authors show how various biblical books have influenced and continue to have an impact upon western ethics, politics, and, of course, religion. Using artistic renderings and charts, this book is student-friendly but communicates a depth of learning in a responsible and balanced fashion.

A CHOICE Magazine Outstanding Academic Title of 2014.


"For those searching for a textbook that introduces students to a thick reading of biblical texts within Jewish and Christian contexts, this is the book we have been waiting for. Lucid and lively, it demonstrates how close attention to the ethics of interpretation uncovers the Bible’s religious, social, and historical influence."
--Samuel E. Balentine, Professor of Old Testament, Union Presbyterian Seminary

“What a refreshing Introduction! While providing basic information, it departs strikingly from conventional formats to include select Jewish and Christian interpretations of the Bible, from the ancient to the contemporary world. By highlighting inner biblical links and divergences, it remains faithful to the complexities and wealth of scripture. The writing is clear and concise; the perspectives are caring and challenging. Beginners and other learners will profit by reading this splendid book.”
--Phyllis Trible, Baldwin Professor Emerita of Sacred Literature, Union Theological Seminary, New York

"Kaminsky, Lohr, and Reasoner have produced a truly distinctive introduction to the Bible since they approach the text from different perspectives (Jewish as well as Catholic and Protestant Christianity). Their combined insight into Scripture (Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and apocrypha) sheds light for all faith communities as they seek to understand the Scripture that animate them. I enthusiastically recommend this Introduction for all serious students of the Bible."

 --Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

About the Authors

Joel S. Kaminsky

Joel S. Kaminsky is the Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies and professor of Bible in the religion department at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Mark Reasoner

Mark Reasoner is associate professor of theology at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Joel N. Lohr

Joel N. Lohr is the dean of religious life and associate professor in the Gladys L. Benerd School of Education at University of the Pacific in Stockton, California.