Key United Methodist Beliefs

By William J. Abraham, David F. Watson Published
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Deepen your understanding of core Methodist beliefs.Deepen your faith and enrich your life through this study of core Methodist beliefs. Written by popular seminary teachers, this book will connect you to the life and ministry of John Wesley, demonstrating relevance for the lives of Christians today as it offers an introductory examination of each.


At a time when many United Methodist Christians are unsure of the beliefs of their church, Key United Methodist Beliefs is an important contribution. Complicated concepts come alive through the clearly written text and the structure of the book empowers readers to not only go deeper in faith and understanding, but to integrate that experience more fully into their daily life. This is a great book for anyone who takes their faith seriously.--Kimberly D. Reisman, Next Step Evangelism Ministries, Lafayette, Indiana

Imagine looking at basic Christian doctrines not as intellectual puzzles or as obstacles to being a Christian today, but as clues to truth and guides for living! Abraham and Watson know that the church in the post-modern era can no longer afford to ignore or denigrate doctrine, but it must use it to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. This little book is a tool that will be useful for churches that are trying to make disciples in a time of ignorance or bias against the Christian faith.

--Timothy W. Whitaker, bishop, Florida Conference, The United Methodist Church

In an age of increasing Biblical and doctrinal ignorance, Key United Methodist Beliefs has provided medicine for the soul. In a format that is both accessible and interactive, Abraham and Watson explain the basic elements of the Christian faith and discuss the implications of those beliefs for modern Christians. We will find this little volume very helpful in our church, for established believers as well as newcomers into the faith. I believe you will also.--Steve Wende, First Methodist Houston

About the Author

William J. Abraham

William J. Abraham is the Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.