Science, Scripture, and Same-Sex Love

By Michael B. Regele Published
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What science and the Bible say about same-sex love.

Some church leaders assert that same-sex practices are incompatible with Christian teaching. The issues threaten to divide our churches and our nation.  Michael B. Regele explores current scientific findings in biological brain research, psychology, and sociology, which he compares with scriptural teaching from the Bible, to show that a faithful reading of the Scriptures is consistent with Christian teaching that affirms same-sex love leading to same-sex marriage and full participation of LGBT people in church leadership. Regele offers compelling research and well-supported answers to common-place questions such as:

  • Is sexual orientation a choice that individuals make?
  • Is same sex attraction sinful in itself?
  • Is it true that lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are more promiscuous than heterosexual people?
  • Is it true that same-sex relationships do not last as long as hetero-sex relationships?
  • Is abstinence for life the only choice for a Christian LGBT person? Or can they enter into intimate and sexual relationships and still be active participants in a Christian community?
  • Is same-gender marriage acceptable from a Christian standpoint?


"While our world debates the holiness or sinfulness of homosexuality, Mike Regele offers a perspective everyone should read: the reflections of a father with a gay child. Human sexuality is a complicated and sensitive subject. In this book, Mike offers the genuine, thoughtful, heartfelt story of how he learned to take the Bible so seriously that he couldn’t take it literally. He holds his values of faith, family and friends together with thoughtful integrity. If you are struggling with your own understanding of human sexuality or need tools to talk to others, this book is for you."--Cameron Trimble, UCC pastor, Center for Progressive Renewal 

“Mike Regele writes about human sexuality humbly, graciously, simply, and wisely as husband, father, Presbyterian pastor, social commentator, and friend. Not only is his book stimulating for an academic, but also for pastors and persons in the pew. He helps us to listen, think, and speak about deeply held convictions in the spirit of a civility that builds others, affirms differences of opinions, and leads to reconciliation between conservatives and progressives within the church. Through serious Bible study, theological/scientific reflection, personal experience with others, and church debate, he has come to strong convictions about Christian sexual ethics and the power of God’s love to heal the brokenness of our lives. His is a voice that we need at the table of our continuing dialogue as we seek to ’promote the peace, unity, and purity’ of the church.” 
--Jerry Tankersley, Senior Pastor, Laguna Presbyterian Church, Laguna Beach, California


“I am deeply grateful for Mike Regele’s book. Mike writes with a deep compassion to all sides of this contemporary issue but never compromises on spiritual integrity or solid research. He assists all of us, especially us in the mainline church, sort through the complexity of issues and come to a balanced examination of our feelings and attitudes.” 
--Grant Hagiya, Resident Bishop of the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church



About the Author

Michael B. Regele

Michael B. Regele is president and CEO of DecisionInsite, LLC, which specializes in strategic planning and integrated demographics modeling. He lives in Irvine, California, where he is active in his community and church.