Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Your Student Leaders

By Jen Bradbury Published
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How to select, develop, and empower student leaders.Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Your Student Leaders lays out a theological and philosophical outline for effective student leadership in a youth ministry context. Additionally, it provides practical tips on how best to create and develop student leaders as well as how to help them transition into leadership positions in the broader church. The book draws from Scripture in general and from Jesus' ministry with his disciples in particular to explore the important work of developing students into leaders. Jen also draws from her own experience as a youth worker to inspire and equip both rookie and veteran youth leaders.

About the Author

Jen Bradbury

Jen Bradbury serves as the director of youth ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. A veteran youth worker, Jen holds an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. She's the author of Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Your Student Leaders. Her writing has also appeared in YouthWorker Journal and The Christian Century.