By Matt Miofsky

The Greatest Obstacle to Navigating Change in Your Life is Fear


Letting go of the familiar and leaning into change can be fearful for all of us. Let Go: Leaning into the Future Without Fear by Matt Miofsky, Lead Pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church, is a guide for managing change and transition with faith as a compass. Using the exodus story as a roadmap for how change looks when you are following God’s lead, readers learn how to manage the uncertainty and fear often caused by change. Miofsky show readers that by using faith to successfully transition during times of change, they are able to be the person they were created to become and live the life they were created to live.


From Let Go


Wherever you are, just know that you aren’t alone. We are going to do this together. And if you are scared, that is normal. It is more than that: it is good. It is a sign that you are doing something significant or following God in a truly courageous way. People have always been scared right before God does something new and incredible in their life. So take that fear as a good sign—even rejoice in it. But don’t give in to it, and don’t listen to it. Ultimately, your fear is the only thing standing in the way. Remember that it is a process. And, most important, know that you aren’t alone. You have a God who is leading you every step of the way.


Praise for Matt Miofsky


“I have followed Matt and his ministry since the inception of The Gathering, one of the most inclusive, growing churches in the US. Matt knows this journey. He and his team walk into the unknown, daily, to achieve the vision they saw for The Gathering, creating new places for people to meet God.” 

—Mike Slaughter, author, speaker, pastor emeritus at Ginghamsburg Church


“I have spent time with Matt Miofsky and seen up close how he forges life transforming relationships with people far from God and brings them close to Jesus. Matt helps people find their purpose and seek God’s presence in their lives.” 

—Tom Berlin, pastor of Floris UMC, Herndon, VA, author of Reckless Love


“Matt Miofsky is one of our most creative and courageous leaders. He is passionate about the gospel and street-smart with a playful edge. In a season marked by uncertainty and change, Matt helps us identify and lay aside our fears and step forward into the bold and adventurous life God intends.”   

—Janice Huie, Bishop of The United Methodist Church, retired


“Matt Miofsky is one of the brightest and most cutting-edge pastors in the country. His ministry and teachings are insightful and practical for everyday living.” 

—Emanuel Cleaver III, Senior Pastor, St. James UMC, Kansas City

Matt Miofsky

Matt Miofsky is the Lead Pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church in Saint Louis, Missouri. Matt gained a degree in Advanced Math and played football at Washington University and then attended Candler School of Theology. Matt lives with his family in Saint Louis and has previously published two small group studies based on his sermon series, Happy? and Fail.