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We know that there's nothing better than being able to sample the content of  a good book when deciding on if it's the right fit for you or a giftee.  Because we want to encourage everyone in their faith walk, we're supplying you with a selection of sample chapters to allow you to start digging in. Enjoy, and be sure to share these with others you may think would appreciate them too!

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Media coverage in support of Motherprayer is starting to come in. To follow are some highlights we thought you might enjoy.:

Chicago Tribune feature

Publisher Weekly - Religion and Spirituality Spring 2017 Books Preview

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Barbara Mahany

From the front pages of The Chicago Tribune to her revered page-two columns, Barbara Mahany has opened her heart and told her stories and the stories of her family’s life that have drawn in thousands of readers for decades. Bracingly honest and heartachingly daring, she explores the sacred mysteries with a voice recognizable and clear. Barbara is a sought-after speaker, retreat leader, writing teacher, and author of Motherprayer, The Blessings of Motherprayer, and Slowing Time. She lives with her husband, Blair Kamin, and two sons in Wilmette, Illinois. Learn more about Barbara at BarbaraMahany.com.