The Quadrilateral Game CD-ROM

A Wesleyan Trivia Challenge for All Ages

Mixed Media
The Quadrilateral Game CD-ROM
Mixed Media ISBN: 843504033743
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Published April 2012

Who knew that the Wesleyan Quadrilateral could be so much fun?

The Quadrilateral Game uses the quiz-show format as an entertaining way to either learn or refresh your memory with questions inspired by John Wesley’s four tools of Christian discernment: Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. We make it easy for anyone to play host, because the CD-ROM includes PDF scripts with everything you need to lead the game.

You get 44 Microsoft PowerPoint® quiz games divided into four levels:
Confirmation Level (for use with the Credo confirmation program): Reinforce what they learn in class 
Children’s Level: Give them a fun way to learn and grow in their faith
Family Level (for players of all ages): Great for Wednesday Night and Family Night at church or home
Advanced Level: See whether the scholars among you can be stumped, or share your own skills

So get your teams together, put on your Quadrilateral thinking caps, and let the games begin!