An Introduction to The Gospels

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An Introduction to The Gospels
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Published June 1997

An Introduction to the Gospels is designed to be a textbook for courses on the Gospels, for use at the college and beginning seminary level. Reflecting the most recent scholarship and written in an accessible style, the volume covers all four of the Gospels, including a survey of "the world of the Gospels".
The book opens with a discussion of the origin, development, and interrelationships of the Four Gospels. After a chapter-length treatment of each canonical Gospel and the non-canonical Gospels, the work concludes with a discussion of the "historical Jesus" debate.
In An Introduction to the Gospels, Mitchell G. Reddish:
- provides a solid, convenient survey of the Gospels in an accessible textbook format
- presents up-to-date scholarship in a field that has been dominated by older texts
- gives a balanced presentation of the content of the Gospels

About the Author

Mitchell G. Reddish

Mitchell Reddish is an associate professor in the Religion Department of Stetson University, Deland, Florida.