The Ten Commandments from the Back Side

Bible Stories with a Twist

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The Ten Commandments from the Back Side
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Published March 1998

While the Ten Commandments are known throughout the world, it's not often that we are offered a fresh take on them. Popular and beloved author J. Ellsworth Kalas approaches the Ten Commandments through the "back side"--through a unique starting point, a creative retelling, a new "lens," or the eyes of a minor character.

Kalas explores how these "prohibitive" laws actually are our dear friends, intended to make life richer and more fulfilling. He uses contemporary illustrations and personal experience to show how these timeless laws give us an appetite for divine excellence.

About the Author

Dr. J. Ellsworth Kalas

J. Ellsworth Kalas (1923-2015) was the author of over 35 books, including the popular Back Side series, A Faith of Her Own: Women of the Old Testament, Strong Was Her Faith: Women of the New Testament, I Bought a House on Gratitude Street, and the Christian Believer study, and was a presenter on DISCIPLE videos. He was part of the faculty of Asbury Theological Seminary since 1993, formerly serving as president and then as senior professor of homiletics. He was a United Methodist pastor for 38 years and also served five years in evangelism with the World Methodist Council.