Wrestling with the Patriarchs

Retrieving Womens Voices in Preaching (Abingdon Preacher's Library Series)

By Lee McGee
Book - Paperback
Wrestling with the Patriarchs
Paperback ISBN: 9780687006212
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Published October 1996

This book was designed to help women religious professionals provide essential ministries for congregations.

Written for preaching women, this book builds confidence for women in the pulpit by looking at issues of psychology and communication. It teaches women how to find their voice and their personal integrity as professional servants of God. This book is a resource for spiritual/psychological self-discipline and will most definitely help women ministers clarify their identities and name their skills.

About the Author

Lee McGee

Lee McGee, a frequent workshop leader, is Squire Professor of Pastoral Care at Yale Divinity School and has conducted research on gender issues related to women in ministry.