Studying Congregations

A New Handbook

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Studying Congregations
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Published September 1998

This handbook for seminarians and clergy professionals places the congregation itself, rather than individual scholarly disciplines, at the center of congregational analysis. Using a comprehensive systems approach to congregations, this volume enables readers to analyze the ministries, stories, and processes that are at work in congregations. It provides techniques for studying the congregation as well as a framework for understanding the nature of the congregation.

About the Authors

Nancy T. Ammerman

Nancy T. Ammerman is Professor of Sociology of Religion, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Connecticut. She is the author of Congregation and Community. (1998)

Jackson W. Carroll

Jackson W. Carroll is the Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams, Jr. Professor of Religion and Society, and Director of the J. M. Ormond Center for Research, Planning, and Development in the Divinity School of Duke University. He is author of several books, including As One With Authority: Reflective Leadership in Ministry.

Carl S. Dudley

Carl S. Dudley was Co-director of the Center for Social and Religious Research and Professor of Church and Community at Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Connecticut. He is author of several books, including Making the Small Church Effective and Basic Steps Toward Community Ministry. (1998)

William McKinney

William McKinney is President and Professor of American Religion at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California. He is co-author of American Mainline Religion and the Responsibility People. (1998)