Makers of Christian Theology in America

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Makers of Christian Theology in America
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Published September 1997

This important reference work presents critical, analytical, and interpretive essays on more than ninety figures who have been particularly important in shaping and influencing the development of Christian theology in America. The work is organized into four major sections: The Colonial Period (1607-1789); The National Period (1789-1865); The Post Civil War Period (1865-1918); and The Modern Period (1918-1970). Each section has a separate introduction by the editors tracing major theological developments in that historical period.  A substantial concluding article by Martin Marty traces theological developments, trends and movements in American theology since 1965.

Each essay includes:
(1) basic biographical data regarding the life, career, and major writings of the figure
(2) an analysis of the key theological issues and/or concepts to which the figure responded
(3) a critical discussion of the major theological themes developed in the course of the figure's career
(4) an assessment of the immediate influence of the figure's thought and its significance for subsequent theological developments.
Brief bibliographies at the end of each essay point readers to the most important and useful primary and secondary literature for each figure.

"Makers of Christian Theology is a welcome and long-needed addition to reference and textbook possibilities for courses on Religion in North America. . . . It is dramatically more inclusive and even-handed in its selection of figures for an historical orientation to theological developments in North American Christianity than any previous attempt. . . . Both the design of the book and the content of the individual essays reflect the fruit of the best current work on Christian theology in America. I recommend it highly!" --Randy L. Maddox, Professor of Religion and Philosophy

About the Author

Mark G. Toulouse

Mark G. Toulouse is Professor of History of Christianity and Dean of Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University.