Seven Deadly Lawsuits

How Ministers Can Avoid Litigation and Regulation

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Seven Deadly Lawsuits
Paperback ISBN: 9780687008223
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Published April 1996

During the last two decades, American law has undergone some startling developments that will affect all church leaders and religious organizations, regardless of denomination. Reacting to events allegedly occurring in the church counseling office or board room, the American public is suing its religious leaders and organizations at an unprecedented rate.

7 Deadly Lawsuits is about preventing lawsuits against clergy, religious professionals, churches, and religious organizations. The book, however, is not about "how to fight back." Thomas Taylor leaves this to the lawyers, once the alleged damage is done. Instead, this book is about how clergy, religious professionals, and religious organizations can be educated about the kinds of lawsuits that are typically levied against them. Taylor then shows how to avoid such costly legal involvement. The final chapter discusses "responding to lawsuits."

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