If God Has a Refrigerator, Your Picture is On It

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If God Has a Refrigerator, Your Picture is On It
Paperback ISBN: 9780687026814
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Published March 2003

Jim Moore was speaking at a campground, and a young man there was wearing a T-shirt saying, “If God Has a Refrigerator, Your Picture Is On It.” The young man asked Jim Moore if he knew what that meant, and Dr. Moore replied, “My hunch would be that it means that God loves us like parents love their children...God is like that father in the parable of the prodigal son excitedly running down the road to meet us, to love us, to forgive us, to redeem us, to celebrate us, to hug us, and to welcome us into the circle of his gracious love. Our refrigerator at home is covered with pictures of our children and grandchildren. Every time we go to the refrigerator (and I go there a lot!), there they are—those beautiful, magnetized, visible reminders of how much we love our children and grandchildren, and how incredibly precious they are to us. The scriptures tell us that God loves us like that…and then some!” This book includes 15 chapters and a study guide.

About the Author

Rev. James W. Moore

James W. Moore (1938–2019) was an acclaimed pastor and ordained elder in The United Methodist Church. He led congregations in Jackson, TN; Shreveport, LA; and Houston, TX. The best-selling author of over 40 books, including Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, But I Have Several Excellent Excuses, he also served as minister-in-residence at Highland Park United Methodist Church.