The Many Faces of Christology

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The Many Faces of Christology
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Published August 2002

The Many Faces of Christology surveys the landscape of traditional and contemporary thought about Jesus. Inbody first grounds his survey in a concise discussion of research into Jesus as a historical person and explores the implications and relevance of that research for contemporary christological thought. In chapter two he outlines classical christology and trinitarian thought and then provides a preliminary sketch of a contemporary trinitarian christology that emphasizes relationship more than understanding the exact nature of God. In chapters three, four, and five, Inbody surveys the basic positions and contributions of evangelical, liberal/process and postliberal (including liberationist), and feminist/womanist christologies.
In his final three chapters, Inbody uses christology to answer three key questions: -- Is atonment theology nothing more than "divinely sanctioned abuse?"-- What is the relationship of Christianity to Judaism?-- Is Christianity the one true path?
This critical, mainstream survey provides pastors and seminarians an authoritative and comprehensive volume on the subject.

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