Blueprints for Worship

A User's Guide for United Methodist Congregations

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Blueprints for Worship
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Published April 2001

If your worship consists of dry, rigid orders from the past, your church will die. If your worship, however, becomes the focus of life of every member in your congregation, your church will live. Through a worksheet format that culls information and references from the 1989 United Methodist Hymnal, 1992 United Methodist Book of Worship, and 1992 Revised Common Lectionary, you'll be able to more effectively integrate preaching, music, movement, and environment.

About the Author

Andy Langford

Andy Langford is a United Methodist pastor from North Carolina. Andy edited The United Methodist Book of Worship and wrote Your Ministry of Planning a Christian Funeral, and ChristianWeddings: Resources to Make Your Ceremony Unique. Andy's work blends scholarly, liturgical expertise with years of pastoral and practical suggestions for ministry.