Moral Teachings of Jesus

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Moral Teachings of Jesus
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Published March 2004

In terms of Christian discipleship, morality is rooted in the imation of Jesus’ actions and teaching. The Sermon on the Mount urges Christians to put into action a particular vision of discipleship and community. Here Matthew’s vision of the kingdom of heaven is foundational for how one understands discipleship and the life of the faith community. The Sermon focuses on setting before readers not specific commands, but paradigms that help them first to imagine the kingdom of heaven and then to practice its moral precepts.

About the Author

Mary F. Foskett

Mary F. Foskett is the Zachary Smith Associate Professor of Religion at Wake Forest University. In addition to her extensive experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students in both religious and theological studies, Mary enjoys lecturing and teaching in congregational settings. Her major writing is in the area of New Testament and Christian Origins. Mary's previous publication includes contributions to For All the Saints: A Calendar of Commemorations for United Methodists. Her latest publication and contribution to the Jesus Collection was Moral Teachings of Jesus.  Mary resides with her family in Winston-Salem, NC.