Public Reading of Scripture

A Handbook

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Public Reading of Scripture
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Published April 2002

The reading of Scripture holds a central place in Christian worship. Every week the Word of God becomes flesh again as the words of the biblical text are read aloud. Those who take on the responsibility of reading Scripture in public do so knowing its importance, but rarely having the chance to train in how to do it better. Most readers have never been given the opportunity to consider how each act of public reading of Scripture is an interpretation of the text, nor have they been given the tools for an effective and faithful reading performance. These are the tools that Clay Schmit seeks to offer in this practical guide to the public reading of Scripture. He begins with a brief overview of the meaning and importance of the spoken word in worship. He then goes on to provide practical, detailed instructions on how to understand the text for reading, practice reading it aloud with proper emphasis, and deliver it in such a way that it becomes alive to the congregation. The book concludes with several appendices, including a pronunciation guide for biblical words and an annotated bibliography that will point the reader in the direction of further study.

About the Author

Prof. Clayton J. Schmit

Clayton J. Schmit. Arthur DeKruyter/Christ Church Oak Brook Chair of Preaching, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California