Mark's Message

Good News for the New Millennium

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Mark's Message
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Published November 2000

This study gives the reader an understanding of Mark's world and some sense of the way this Gospel challenges the future of the Chrisitan life. It includes study helps for group use. Some of the questions it addresses are: What was it like in Mark's world?, What does Mark teach us about the human condition?, What does Mark teach us about Jesus Christ?, What does Mark teach us aobut living in the third millennium? 6 sessions.

About the Author

Justo L. González

Justo L. González has taught at the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico and Candler School of Theology, Emory University. He is the author of many books, including Church History: An Essential Guide and To All Nations From All Nations, both published by Abingdon Press.

Justo L. González es un ampliamente leído y respetado historiador y teólogo. Es el autor de numerosas obras que incluyen tres volúmenes de su Historia del Pensamiento Cristiano, la colección de Tres Meses en la Escuela de... (Mateo... Juan... Patmos... Prisión... Espíritu), Breve Historia de las Doctrinas Cristianas y El ministerio de la palabra escrita, todas publicadas por Abingdon Press.