Handbook for Multisensory Worship Volume 2

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Handbook for Multisensory Worship Volume 2
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Published October 2001

In Handbook for Multisensory Worship, Volume 2, Kim Miller and the worship team of Ginghamsburg Church—widely known for their innovative use of multimedia elements in worship—provide more practical guidance for planning and conducting dynamic worship celebrations. Through the skillful blending of contemporary media such as music, film, and drama with the timeless truths and stories of the Bible, these celebrations help postmodern persons—particularly those who have little or no experience with the Christian faith—experience God’s love and become faithful followers.

Included in this second volume are 30 new and complete worship celebrations, each organized around a central metaphor and theme designed to articulate the needs of and connect with the life experiences of the congregation. The components of each celebration—suggestions for dramatic visuals, lively music, enlightening dramas, and inspiring prayers—all combine to powerfully embody themes for the worship celebration. For example, in the celebration “Navigating Rough Water,” the image of whitewater rafting illustrates the turbulent events that occur in all our lives, and the celebration focuses on God’s sustaining presence during these difficult times. “Real Followers” uses the juxtaposed images of a cross and a ladder to represent the competing claims of radical discipleship with worldly ambition and success.

Kim Miller is Creative Director of Worship at Ginghamsburg Church where she and the worship team work to create an atmosphere where people can experience God. Kim draws on her background in theatre and visual arts to powerfully and creatively combine drama, graphics, music, and storytelling with preaching. Each week Kim and the worship team of Mike Slaughter (Senior Pastor), Todd Carter (Media Director), and Francis Wyatt (Music Director) plan and coordinate the four worship services for the growing Ginghamsburg community.

About the Author

Kim Miller

Kim Miller serves as Campus Designer at Ginghamsburg Church, in Tipp City Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. Kim creates experiences and environments for worship, events and community life on Ginghamsburg s multiple campuses. Her passion is connecting people to God on multiple levels--visually, artistically and theologically. This passion has fueled Ginghamsburg s signature multisensory worship celebrations, and continues to infuse her role as coach on the worship design team.

Kim has ignited a movement to recruit, train and deploy teams of strong (unpaid) artist-builders to create engaging environments on a missional, mud n spit budget. She has crafted a new model for churches seeking to offer guest experiences that are current and meaningful. Many of these makeover projects can be viewed at

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