Capital Punishment Leader

A Faith-Based Study

Book - Paperback
Capital Punishment Leader
Paperback ISBN: 9780687052363
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Published September 2002

This short-term study comes at a time when there is considerable national debate and commentary on the administration of the death penalty. This study combines Bible study with compelling stories from persons who have been directly affected by capital crimes to help adults form and/or reform their thinking on capital punishment. It looks at various denominational views and nations' policies related to the issue, as well as providing several suggested plans for actions.

Chapters include:
-- What is the death penalty?
-- What does the Bible say?

What do we learn from the history of Christianity?

What guidance do our theological and ethical traditions provide?

About the Author

Judith F. Bennett

2002 The Reverend Dr. Judith FaGalde Bennett is a retired elder in the Virginia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church and lives in Richmond, Virginia. She serves as executive director of the Center for Congregational Ministry and writes for FaithLink, a downloadable, adult weekly resource that explores the intersection of faith with current events. FaithLink is produced by The United Methodist Publishing House.