The New Interpreter's® Bible Old Testament Survey

Book - Hardback
The New Interpreter's® Bible Old Testament Survey
Hardback ISBN: 9780687053445
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Published March 2006

Repurposed content from the 12 volume NIB, to serve as introductory academic textbooks

Introduction to the Pentateuch    Joseph Blenkinsopp
Book of Genesis - Terence E. Fretheim
The Book of Exodus - Walter Brueggemann 
The Book of Leviticus - Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
The Book of Numbers - Thomas B. Dozeman
The Book of Deuteronomy - Ronald E. Clements
Introduction to Narrative - Peter D. Miscall
The Book of Joshua - Robert B. Coote
The Book of Judges - Dennis T. Olsen 
The Book of Ruth - Kathleen A. Robertson Farmer 
The First and Second Books of Samuel - Bruce C. Birch 
The First and Second Book of Kings - Choon Leong Seow 
The First and Second Book of Chronicles - Leslie C. Allen
The Book of Ezra and Nehemiah - Ralph W. Klein 
The Book of Esther - Sidnie White Crawford
Introduction to Hebrew Poetry - Adele Berlin 
The Book of Job - Carol A. Newsom 
The Book of Psalms - J. Clinton McCann, Jr.
Introduction to Wisdom Literature - Richard J. Clifford, S.J.  
The Book of Proverbs - Raymond C. Van Leeuwen 
The Book of Ecclesiastes - W. Sibley Towner
Song of Songs - Renita J. Weems 
Introduction to the Prophetic Literature - David L. Petersen 
The Book of Isaiah 1-39 - Gene M. Tucker 
The Book of Isaiah 40-66 - Christopher R. Seitz 
The Book of Jeremiah - Patrick D. Miller 
The Book of Lamentations - Kathleen M. O'Connor 
The Book of Ezekiel - Katheryn Pfisterer Darr 
Introduction to Apocalyptic Literature - Frederick J. Murphy 
The Book of Daniel - Daniel L. Smith-Christopher 
The Book of Hosea - Gale A. Yee 
The Book of Joel - Elizabeth Achtemeier
The Book of Amos - Donald E. Gowan 
The Book of Obadiah - Samuel Pagán 
The Book of Jonah - Phyllis Trible 
The Book of Micah - Daniel J. Simundson 
The Book of Nahum - Francisco O. García-Treto
The Book of Habakkuk - Theodore Hiebert
The Book of Zephaniah - Robert A. Bennett
The Book of Haggai - W. Eugene March                                                 
The Book of Zechariah - Ben C. Ollenburger 
The Book of Malachi - Eileen M. Schuller, O.S.U. 
The Book of Tobit - Irene Nowell, O.S.B.
The Book of Judith - Lawrence M. Wills
The Additions to Esther - Sidnie White Crawford
The First Book of Maccabees - Robert Doran
The Second Book of Maccabees - Robert Doran
The Book of Baruch - Anthony J. Saldarini
The Letter of Jeremiah - Anthony J. Saldarini
The Book of Wisdom - Michael Kolarcik, S.J.
The Book of Sirach - James L. Crenshaw 
The Additions to Daniel - Daniel L. Smith Christopher