The New Interpreter's® Bible New Testament Survey

Book - Hardback
The New Interpreter's® Bible New Testament Survey
Hardback ISBN: 9780687054343
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Published April 2006

The Gospels and Narrative Literature - Robert C. Tannehill 
Jesus and the Gospels - Christopher M. Tuckett 
The Gospel of Matthew - M. Eugene Boring 
The Gospel of Mark - Pheme Perkins 
The Gospel of Luke - R. Alan Culpepper
The Gospel of John - Gail R. O'Day
The Acts of the Apostles - Robert W. Wall 
Introduction to Epistolary Literature - Robert W. Wall
The Letter to the Romans - N. T. Wright
The First Letter to the Corinthians - J. Paul Sampley
The Second Letter to the Corinthians - J. Paul Sampley 
The Letter to the Galatians - Richard B. Hays 
The Letter to the Ephesians - Pheme Perkins
The Letter to the Philippians - Morna D. Hooker 
The Letter to the Colossians - Andrew T. Lincoln 
The First Letter to the Thessalonians - Abraham Smith 
The Second Letter to the Thessalonians - Abraham Smith 
The First and Second Letter to Timothy and the Letter to Titus - James D. G. Dunn 
The Letter to Philemon - Cain Hope Felder 
The Letter to the Hebrews - Fred B. Craddock 
The Letter of James - Luke Timothy Johnson 
The First Letter of Peter - David L. Bartlett 
The Second Letter of Peter - Duane F. Watson 
The Letter of Jude - C. Clifton Black 
The First, Second, and Third Letters of John - Duane F. Watson 
The Book of Revelation - Christopher C. Rowland 

Features the latest in the line of New Interpreter's Products.  An international array of the best biblical scholars writing in their fields of specialty of the benefits of students.  A diversity of Protestant, Catholic, Women and Minority scholars providing sound biblical scholarship students of college, seminary and the church. 
Introduction to each book of the New Testament that cover essential historical, socio-cultural, literary and theological issues.  Helpful maps, charts and outlines included.