John Wesley's Life & Ethics

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John Wesley's Life & Ethics
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Published October 2001

John Wesley’s Life & Ethics offers a comprehensive analysis of John Wesley’s personal and social ethical thought. Ronald Stone places Wesley in a social location and examines his ethical thought biographically. He argues that in the case of John Wesley, the Christian traditions provide a biblically informed deontological ethic of love. This ethic is grounded in the Christian community to form the individual and in social reform to transform the nation within the limits of Christian realism concerning human nature and social order.

The volume covers Wesley’s complete ethical reflection and teaching and, at appropriate points, places them in comparative perspective to other 18th century ethics and social thought contributors. Ethical topics addressed include abortion, vocation, family, money, social nature of humanity, politics, economics, imperial relations, and war and peace.

This book will be a supplementary text in Ethics classes, primarily in United Methodist schools. It will also be a useful text in Methodist history classes. Methodist scholars and pastors interested in a social biography of Wesley will want to own this book.

About the Author

Ronald H. Stone

Ronald H. Stone is John Witherspoon Professor of Christian Ethics at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.