Abingdon New Testament Commentaries: Hebrews

By Victor C. Pfitzner Published
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Pfitzner interprets Hebrews as a passionate appeal directed by its author to a community that is in danger of surrendering the distinctiveness of its faith. Through an examination of its structure, rhetorical devices, and arguments, he shows Hebrews to be a splendid example of extended exhortation, with a recurring pattern of formal introduction, scriptural quotation, exposition, and application. By seeing the message of Hebrews as a "word exhortation" (13:22) to a community in crisis, Pfitzner is able to set its distinctive Christology firmly in its original social, historical, and cultural context.


The commentary is uncluttered by footnotes, using instead parenthetical references to works in the bibliography. The concluding bibliography then gives full information about both significant monographs and articles and commentaries. The latter group includes brief annotations that will guide those wishing to do further study.
Among those "mid-range" commentaries that make no claim to be full reference volumes, but aim at well-informed, accessible exegesis, Pfitzner's is among the best. Pastors, students, and conscientious lay persons will find Pfitzner's Hebrews to be an intelligible, learned, and reliable guide.
--N. Clayton Croy
The Asbury Theological Journal
Sept 2000 Issue