Jesus Is My Uncle

Christology from a Hispanic Perspective

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Jesus Is My Uncle
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Published August 1999

In Jesus Is My Uncle, Luis Pedraja examines Christology and the doctrine of God from a Hispanic perspective, emphasizing the role played by language and experience. This volume provides a unique perspective and promotes a deeper understanding of Hispanic theology and, by inference, other theologies as well.

Living in the cultural borderlands, an important aspect of the Hispanic experience is the languages used: Spanish and English. Pedraja examines how the way Hispanics speak about Jesus and God in Spanish creates different theological imagery than speaking in English does. All languages are laden with affections, nuances, and images that enhance the meaning of certain words. Since languages reflect and affect our theology, how one speaks about God provides a window into theology and unconsciously affects the way one thinks about God.

About the Author

Luis G. Pedraja

Luis G. Pedraja is Academic Dean and Professor of Theology at Memphis Theological Seminary, Memphis, TN.