The Christ of the Indian Road

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The Christ of the Indian Road
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Published December 1925

For those searching for truth and a map to help lead them down the path of The Way.

Jones recounts his experiences in India, where he arrived as a young and presumptuous missionary who later matured into a veteran who attempted to contextualize Jesus Christ within the Indian culture. He names the mistake many Christians make in trying to impose their culture on the existing culture where they are bringing Christ. Instead he makes the case that Christians learn from other cultures, respect the truth that can be found there, and let Christ and the existing culture do the rest.

About the Author

E. Stanley Jones

Called "the world's greatest missionary evangelist" by Time magazine in 1938, E. Stanley Jones (1884-1973) spent 70 years presenting Jesus Christ as the universal Son of Man without the trappings of Western culture. His message had a life-changing impact on the millions of people who heard him speak or read his books.