Choral Therapy

Techniques and Exercises for the Church Choir

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Choral Therapy
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Published April 1994

Many church choir directors are not formally trained in all disciplines needed to direct a music program. One area which intimidates many directors is that of vocal training and how to increase the ability of the choir. Choral Therapy features a basic, practical, "hands-on" approach to learning skills in this area of choir leadership.
These include the following areas:

Breath Control
Basic principles of diction
Blending of vocal parts
Vocal exercises and warm-ups
Other areas such as tuning and ensemble

Choral Therapy presents its material in a conversational style with many concrete musical examples and exercises. Written by one of America's most respected choral directors and instructors, it is for new directors or the director wanting more training. Designed in an easy-to-read and easy-to-use practical format and style, containing examples and illustrations that convey key concepts. Helps music leaders become more comfortable with music leadership, while giving them a higher level of confidence in directing.

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