20/30 Bible Study for Young Adults: Love

Opening Your Heart to God and Others

Book - Paperback
20/30 Bible Study for Young Adults: Love
Paperback ISBN: 9780687073160
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Published January 2001

Exciting contemporary Bible study series designed to meet the needs of adult learners in their 20s and 30s.

Each volume in the series examines a powerful biblical image and includes:
• Bible background
• Articles on group leadership, and teaching options
• Case studies throughout the text to use as discussion starters
• Seven easy-to-lead sessions with clear teaching helps on each page
• Options for service projects Love is the fifth book in the series.

Chapters deal with love in its many forms, such as romantic, family, community and church, and God. The book also explores “Sacrificial Love” and “Expressions of Love.”

About the Author

Barbara K Mittman

Barbara K. MIttman is an ordained deacon, certified in Christian education and youth ministry. She has previously published church school curriculum for youth and authored the Faith and Love volumes of 20/30. She lives in Nevada, Iowa.