Beyond the Downbeat

Choral Rehearsal Skills and Techniques

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Beyond the Downbeat
Paperback ISBN: 9780687074846
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Published April 2000

Easy to read, understand, and apply, the material in Beyond the Downbeat covers many important aspects of choral leadership beyond conducting. The material is practical for choirs of any size and leaders at any level
of training.

Key Benefits:
• Helps choral directors make their choirs sound more
artistically beautiful
• Provides guidelines about the use of diction and related areas
of vocal technique and improvement
• Provides useful choral warm-up exercises and other practical helps
for any choral group

About the Author

Sandra Willetts

SANDRA WILLETTS is Professor of Choral Conducting at the University of Alabama School of Music in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She leads many workshops in choral conducting technique.