How United Methodists Share Their Faith

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How United Methodists Share Their Faith
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Published September 1999

The author believes that United Methodists are sometimes reluctant to bring up the subject of religion with their friends and next-door neighbors. They doubt that their acquaintances would be interested and feel it would be inappropriate to inquire about their personal faith. They know, however, that they should witness to United Methodist beliefs. How do United Methodists share their faith?

Discussing evangelistic practices that are unique to United Methodists, Rodney E. Wilmoth suggests ways in which Unite Methodists can become more comfortable about sharing their faith.

About the Author

Rodney E. Wilmoth

Rev. Rodney E. Wilmoth (1937-2009) was senior minister of Hennepin Avenue UMC in Minneapolis - formerly served as senior minister at St. Paul UMC in Omaha, Nebraska - preached in Protestant Hour radio series