Some Folks Feel the Rain Others Just Get Wet

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Some Folks Feel the Rain Others Just Get Wet
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Published October 1999

15 sessions. This is another way of saying that some people smell the roses, while others just complain about the thorns. In his warm, conversational style, popular author James W. Moore explores the reasons why some people are able to see our time on earth as a gracious gift from God rather than as an agonizing endurance test, and, simply put, why some people have the ability to celebrate life with an abundance of gratitude. Each chapter in this book includes a reference to an important passage of Scripture, powerful stories and examples from the lives of others, and practical suggestions for better daily living. Also included is a sixteen-page study guide for both individual and group use with questions related to each chapter.

Chapter Titles:
1 - Can You Feel the Strength to Keep on Believing When It's Hard?
2 - Can You Feel the Zest of Life?
3 - Can You Feel the Power of Commitment?
4 - Can You Feel the Joy of Freedom?
5 - Can You Feel the Power of Love?
6 - Can You Feel the Strength to Persevere?
7 - Can You Feel the Attitude of Gratitude?
8 - Can You Feel the Call to Discipleship?
9 - Can You Feel the Quality of Childlikeness?
10 - Can You Feel the Firm Foundation?
11 - Can You Feel the Good Side of Worry?
12 - Can You Feel the New Way of Looking at Things?
13 - Can You Feel the Miracle of Encouragement?
14 - Can You Feel the Sense of What's Valuable?
15 - Can You Feel the Beauty of Inclusiveness?
Epilogue - Can You Feel God Hugging You to Life?

About the Author

Rev. James W. Moore

James W. Moore (1938–2019) was an acclaimed pastor and ordained elder in The United Methodist Church. He led congregations in Jackson, TN; Shreveport, LA; and Houston, TX. The best-selling author of over 40 books, including Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, But I Have Several Excellent Excuses, he also served as minister-in-residence at Highland Park United Methodist Church.