Paul and the Corinthians

The Life and Letters of Paul

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Paul and the Corinthians
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Published September 1999

Paul and the Corinthians explores the sometimes tumultuous relationship between Paul and the Christians in Corinth who were struggling to make sense of their faith in a diverse and secular culture. Wingard relates his firsthand knowledge of the setting of Corinth and applies Paul's wisdom to some of the most pressing issues faced by the church today: The Church and the Bible, Making Moral Decisions, Christian Unity, Women and Men in Church and Society, The Resurrection, Christian Giving, and Reconciliation in a Broken World. Each of the seven sessions is self-contained and includes questions for reflection.

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About the Author

Robert W. Wingard

Dr. Robert W. Wingard (1937-1997) was Densen Franklin Professor of Religion and Director of Church Relations at Birmingham-Southern College and also served as a pastor in the United Methodist Church for sixteen years. He received his Doctor of Ministry from Emory University in 1989 and studied Biblical Archaeology at St. George's College in Jerusalem. A highly sought guest lecturer, Dr. Wingard lectured throughout Greece on the life and ministry of Paul and led four expeditions to Greece, Turkey and the Greek Islands for in-depth study of Paul's ministry. His writings include Portraits of Christ in Scripture, Portraits of Christ Volume 2 (Discipleship Resources) and many articles.