The Loyal Opposition

Struggling with the Church on Homosexuality

By Amy E. DeLong, Tex Sample Published
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No issue more polarizes American Protestants today than the church’s stance on homosexuality. In recent years, a number of denominations have engaged in prolonged and divisive debates on the subject, and it appears that these debates will continue to occupy their attention. The contributors to this volume call for the formation of a “loyal opposition” that is serious in its commitment to the difficult process of reconciliation and forgiveness. Faithfulness to the gospel, they remind readers, requires nothing less than that Christians will be committed to the full inclusion of all persons in the body of Christ—not least of all those who disagree theologically and ethically.

The book offers readers a multifaceted argument that the gospel requires a commitment to the full inclusion of all persons in the body of Christ. It focuses on how members of mainline denominations can respond to official denominational positions with which they disagree. Readers are offered an alternative response besides staying in the denomination and remaining silent or leaving the denomination because one disagrees with its official position on this issue.  

Contributors include: J. Philip Wogaman, Roy Sano, Stanley Hauerwas, Jeanne Audrey Powers, Victor Paul Furnish, Dale Dunlap, Gil Caldwell, and Joretta Marshall. Foreword by Leontine Kelly.



The United Methodist Church is indebted to Amy DeLong and Tex Sample for this book. They have brought together the clear thinking, historical perspective, scriptural interpretation, doctrinal position, disciplinary process, and the witness of faith of some of United. Methodists most outstanding leaders and scholars.
-From the foreword, by Bishop Leontine T. C. Kelly

About the Authors

Amy E. DeLong

Amy E. DeLong is an ordained clergywoman currently serving United Methodist churches in the Wisconsin Annual Conference. (2000)

Tex Sample

Tex Sample is a specialist in church and society, a much sought-after lecturer, storyteller, workshop leader and consultant. He is also the Robert B. And Kathleen Rogers Professor Emeritus of Church and Society at The Saint Paul School of Theology. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.