Worlds Within A Congregation

Dealing With Theological Diversity

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Worlds Within A Congregation
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Published July 2000

In Worlds Within a Congregation, W. Paul Jones follows up on his previous work Theological Worlds in a most practical way. He argues that many church communities consist of sub-congregations, which have come about not as the result of divisive intentions, but as congregants naturally group themselves according to preferred styles of worship, interaction, stewardship, and so forth. Jones suggests that this struggle with theological diversity in congregations is something to be understood and embraced, rather than fled from as a grounds of division, and shows how--by understanding the different variations in a congregation--one can better minister with and to the congregation.

Key Features: * Examines the existence and character of theological diversity within congregations * Shows that theological diversity within a congregation can be a positive factor in the life of congregations * Follows up on a previous book (Theological Worlds)

Key Benefits: * Readers will learn to analyze and evaluate theological diversity within a congregation * Readers will understand how this diversity shapes the preferred ways of doing a number of things in the ministry of a congregation (worship, mission, service, interaction) * Readers will learn how to apply this knowledge and evaluation of a congregation to the administration and ministry of that congregation

About the Author

W. Paul Jones

2001 W. PAUL JONES is a retired professor of St. Paul School of Theology and author. After having five daughters, he became (eventually) both a Roman Catholic Priest and a monk of the Trappist Order. He lives in the hills of Missouri, working with those in poverty and those on death row.