Ordinary Ministry, Extraordinary Challenge

Women and the Roles of Ministry

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Ordinary Ministry, Extraordinary Challenge
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Published April 2000

One of the difficulties women clergy face is the lack of mentors. Although women make up a sizable percentage of parish clergy, once out of seminary they often experience isolation and lack of contact with other women in professional ministry. This situation is especially problematic as women’s experience of the tasks and roles of ministry differ from those of men, sometimes subtly, sometimes more so. Where do they turn for help in figuring out the ups and downs of following God’s call into ministry as a woman? How can the men with whom they work understand the challenges their female colleagues face as well?

In Ordinary Calling, Extraordinary Challenge, Norma Cook Everist brings together several women clergy to demonstrate what parish ministry is like in women’s experience. Drawing on years of parish experience, they examine such a wide range of topics as the ministry of preaching, the ministry of stewardship, the ministry of justice, the ministry of outreach, and many more. Written for women and men, this volume will provide support, encouragement, and guidance for performing the many tasks and assuming the many roles of parish minister.

Key Features: • Brings together the real experience of women clergy • Addresses the nature of the differences between men and women in fulfilling certain key roles or functions of pastoral leadership • Addresses the sense of isolation among clergy women after seminary

Key Benefits: • Helps clergy, both male and female, understand the unique challenges of parish ministry faced by women clergy • Helps denominational officials and laypersons understand the different responses to pastoral tasks and roles perceived by women and men

About the Author

Norma Cook Everist

Norma Cook Everist is Professor of Church and Ministry at Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. She also has served as guide and mentor to many pastors struggling with conflict. She is author of The Church As Learning Community and editor of Ordinary Ministry, Extraordinary Challenge, published by Abingdon Press.