Managing the Congregation

Building Effective Systems to Serve People

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Managing the Congregation
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Published March 1996

The third volume of Shawchuck and Heuser's trilogy, this title will focus on the relationships and processes common to the religious congregation. The emphasis will be on the identification and maximization of effective processes within church structures.

Key Features: Detailed analysis of the congregation as a network of systems and relationships; Explores four areas of potential transformation for the congregation: mission, spiritual formation, relationship with people, and structures of ministry; Comprehensive format ideal for pastors and seminary students.

Key Benefits: Identifying systems and relationships within the congregation enables church leaders to be intentional and structured in their approach to change; Emphasizes the concept of the "Continuous Improvement Project," which helps leaders to understand the on-going nature of organizational transformation; Contributes to our understanding of how to design, implement, or change systems within the congregation in order to enhance the effectiveness of ministry.

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