The Miracles of Jesus

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The Miracles of Jesus
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Published June 2000

7 sessions. The Miracles of Jesus will help learners experience the miracles as part of the redemptive work of Jesus and to understand these miracles as a testimony to Jesus’ identity, as depicted in the Gospels. Included are: Jesus as a miracle-working figure, Healing as symbolic action, such as rethinking the purpose of the Sabbath, Exorcisms, “Portents”—miracles showing Jesus’ divine authority and Old Testament predecessors, such as Moses and Elijah, Miracles, or signs, in the Gospel of John, Miracles as signs of the early church, Miracles of healing and touch, and Jesus and miracles beyond the Gospels.

About the Author

David Otto

DAVID D. OTTO is Associate Professor of Religion at Centenary College of Louisiana, in Shreveport. He is a nationally recognized speaker and provocative scholar. Dr. Otto is the author of several books and is a featured workshop leader throughout the church.