A Deacon's Heart

The New United Methodist Diaconate

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A Deacon's Heart
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Published March 2001

In volume offers insight and guidance regarding this new ministerial order both to those who are called into the diaconate, and those among whom they will minister. The book begins by locating the office of deacon within the larger United Methodist understanding the ministry of all God's people and of ordained ministers. Drawing on the stories of those whom God has called and ordained to the ministry of deacon, the authors portray the crucial link between the worship of the church and service to the world that is central to the office of deacon. The book concludes with answers to common questions asked by deacons and the churches in which their ministry takes place: Who pays for insurance? What about pensions? What responsibilities do deacons have to the congregations that hire them, and what to the conferences of which they are members?

About the Authors

Margaret Ann Crain

Dr. Margaret Ann Crain has received critical acclaim and national recognition for her ecumenical leadership in Christian Education. She served churches as a Christian educator in Missouri and North Georgia for 20 years before joining the faculty at Garrett-Evangelical in 1998, where she created a center for training, supporting, and nurturing Deacons within the United Methodist Church. Margaret Ann was ordained as a Deacon in Full Connection in the Northern Illinois Conference. She is the co-author of A Deacon's Heart: The New United Methodist Diaconate and author of Yearning for God: Reflections of Faithful Lives, Educating Christians: The Intersection of Meaning, Learning and Vocation, and The United Methodist Deacon: Ordained to Word, Service, Compassion and Justice, as well as numerous articles. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

Jack L. Seymour

Jack L. Seymour is Professor of Religious Education at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois and Editor of Religious Education.