Paul and the Romans

The Life and Letters of Paul

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Paul and the Romans
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Published December 2000

Paul and the Romans is the third in the series The Life and Letters of Paul. This study explores the letter to the Romans.

Drawing on the historical data about the Roman congregation, this study examines major issues facing them and Christians today.

The study has seven sessions:
  • The Apostolic Ministry of Paul
  • Establishing Common Ground: The Universal Need for Salvation
  • The Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • The Spiritual Life of the Christian
  • The Sovereignty of God
  • The Practice of the Gospel in Community Life
  • The Church Dynamic: Then and Now
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    About the Author

    Denise Stringer

    Denise Stringer graduated from Princeton with a concentration in New Testament and Christian Education. She holds degrees in pastoral care and counseling. Currently she serves a local United Methodist Church in New York. Dr. Stringer is the author of Paul and the Romans, The Kingdom Sayings of Jesus, FaithQuestions: What About the Rapture, and has written for Adult Bible Studies. Her most recent publication is How Is It With Your Soul, a companion piece for class leaders and program directors to be used with This Day.