Paul in Asia Minor

The Life and Letters of Paul

Paul in Asia Minor
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Published March 2001

PAUL IN ASIA MINOR This volume of the Life and Letters of Paul series, Paul in Asia Minor, has eight chapters covering the books of Philemon, Colossians, and Ephesians.

Chapter titles: 
  • Christian Family Matters (Philemon)
  • New Age Religion (Colossians 1)
  • True Life in Christ (Colossians 2)
  • God's Chosen Ones (Colossians 3-4)
  • Christ Universal (Ephesians 1)
  • No Longer Strangers and Aliens (Ephesians 2-3)
  • The Old Life and the New (Ephesians 4-5)
  • The Household of God (Ephesians 6)
The text makes use of historical, geographical, archeological, and anthropological information to help the reader understand the cultural, political, and religious context of Asia Minor. It examines, for example, the institution of slavery (Philemon), non-Christian religious beliefs prevalent in Asia Minor that would influence Christian converts (Colossians and Ephesians), ethical systems and "lists" of vices and virtues from non-Christian philosophies (Colossians and Ephesians), and household responsibilities (Ephesians). Paul has used his extensive knowledge of the religions and culture of Asia Minor to persuade and win persons to Christ.

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About the Author

Pheme Perkins

Pheme Perkins is a professor in the Theology Department at Boston College, specializing Johannine materials, Paulline Epistles and Gnosticism. She is a member of and leader in several professional organizations, including the Society of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Bible Association, the Society of New Testament Studies, and the Association of Theological Schools. Recent publications include: Gnosticism and the New Testament (Fortress Press), Peter: Apostle for the Whole Church (Fortress Press), Ephesians: Abingdon New Testament Commentary (Abingdon Press), Abraham's Divided Children: Galatians and the Politics of Faith (Trinity Press International).