The Wesleyan Tradition

A Paradigm for Renewal

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The Wesleyan Tradition
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Published May 2002

The essays in this volume all share a common assumption: in order to know where you're going, you have to understand where you've been. If the spiritual and theological descendents of John Wesley are to meet the challenges of spreading scriptural holiness in an increasingly complex world, then they will need to grasp the core beliefs and values that have always guided their tradition. In this important volume, a distinguished group of interpreters of Wesleyan tradition, all of whom are John Wesley Scholars of A Fund for Theological Education, identify the central convictions and practices of the Methodist movement. Their purpose in making this identification is two-fold. First, they insist that these convictions and practices lie at the heart of what the Wesleyan/Methodist family is, and has been. Second, and more important, they claim that in these distinctive beliefs lies the future of the "people called Methodist." If renewal and growth in witness and mission is to occur, the authors argue, it will come through a reclamation and reinterpretation of such cental beliefs as salvation by grace through faith, the authority of Scripture, disciple-making within community, the vocation of Christian holiness, and the church's mission to the world.