Destination Unknown

50 Quick Mystery Trips for Youth Groups

Book - Paperback
Destination Unknown
Paperback ISBN: 9780687097241
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Published May 2001


…They Have to Be Driven

Impact your youth with an activity that is interesting, instructive, and memorable.

This book offers 50 “mystery destinations” near your church that can serve as backdrop illustrations for Biblical lessons.  A drive of just a few minutes can engage & affect your youth group in settings such as –


  • A greenhouse - for a lesson on the mustard seed
  • A jail - to study the setting of Paul's epistles
  •  A grain elevator - to discuss where mankind stores riches
  •  A bakery – for a lesson on our function as leaven
  •  A foundation - to discuss how faith can be built on rock or sand
  •  A courtroom – to discuss Jesus’ role as advocate


These and many more innovative road trip parables are supplemented by lesson plans, devotional outlines, discussion questions, and related scripture clues for your youth group to guess their mystery destination.

Show your teens a creatively original approach to teaching. 

About the Author

Sam Halverson

Sam Halverson is minister with youth at First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Ohio. He has also led workshops at national events for youth workers and is the author of the Abingdon Press books " Destination Unknown: 50 Mystery Trips", "55 Group-Building Activities for Youth" and "Open Doors, Open Arms: How to Reach New Youth". Sam has also contributed to Abingdon's "Combos for Youth Groups" series.