20/30 Bible Study for Young Adults: Balance

Living With Life's Demands

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20/30 Bible Study for Young Adults: Balance
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Published September 2001

Balance explores the biblical image of balance as a broad concept that includes fairness, equality, righteousness and justice as well as internal balance, or the well-integrated life. These images tap into the young adult issues of how to live in a way that “takes care of business” and still allows one to be a whole person; of concern for fair and just treatment, how to balance competing pressures and demands on time, energy and soul; of how to have a devotional life in the midst of the daily grind; etc.

About the Author

Tracey L. Henderson

Tracey L. Henderson is a candidate for ministry as an ordained deacon in The United Methodist Church who has studied at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Illinois. In addition to her theological studies, Tracey has an extensive background, including a Ph.D., in agriculture and related sciences, which she has used in ministry and service settings, such as the Peace Corps, in Zaire, Mozambique, and the United States. Tracey is active in the local church as well, and has served as coordinator of small group ministries, developing small groups, leading studies, and writing curriculum. Her seminary emphasis is in Christian education, specializing in mission education and adult ministries. She authored Balance in the 20/30 series.