Experiencing the Bible with Children

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Experiencing the Bible with Children
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Published May 1990

Shows how to spiff up your storytelling skills, plus plenty of ideas for dance, movement, and drama techniques.

This revised volume combines two classic resources by author Dorothy Jean Furnish: Exploring the Bible with Children, a bestseller, and Living the Bible with Children, which shows how to put the principles of the first book into practice. This new combination offers professional and lay Christian educators a current, reliable source book to help children really understand and experience the Bible.

You'll learn more about what to tell children about the Bible and what methods are best to use with children. These methods include storytelling techniques, dance, movement, drama techniques, and the "meaning" of words for children.

About the Author

Dorothy Jean Furnish

Dorothy Jean Furnish is Professor of Christian Education emerita at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. Dr. Furnish conducts workshops and training seminars throughout the United States and Canada.