John Wesley's Sermons

An Introduction

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John Wesley's Sermons
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Published December 1991

For the first time, students of Wesley have access to Albert C. Outler's widely acclaimed "introduction" to Volume 1 of The Works of John Wesley in a single inexpensive paperback.

No student of John Wesley will need to be reminded of Albert Outler's stature, or the significance of his contribution to twentieth-century Wesleyan studies.


A Career in Retrospect
The Preacher and His Preaching
The Sermon Corpus
Theological Method and the Problems of development
Wesley and His Sources
On Reading Wesley's Sermons

About the Author

Albert C. Outler

Albert C. Outler was, at the time of his death, Professor of Theology, Emeritus, at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas.