John Wesley's Theology Today

A Study of the Wesleyan Tradition in the Light of Current Theological Dialogue

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John Wesley's Theology Today
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Published December 1960

A study of the Wesleyan tradition in the light of current theological debate.

Issues of vital importance and interest to contemporary Christians are covered in this complete picture of Wesleyan theology. Colin Williams examines the main beliefs of John Wesley--authority and experience, salvation, original sin, repentance and justification, atonement, the work of the Holy Spirit, doctrine of the church, Christian perfection, and eschatology--in a search for insights which Methodism should share with other Christians concerning issues that divide the churches.

A deeper perspective is added to the study through a comparison of Wesley's views with beliefs of other reformers such as Calvin and Luther and, in many instances, with the Roman Catholic view.

In a world caught up in a new revival of the Spirit, John Wesley's own heart-warming experience and history-making religious reforms continue to inspire and guide Christians of all denominations.

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