Letters for Every Occasion

A Pastor's Sourcebook

Book - Paperback
Letters for Every Occasion
Paperback ISBN: 9780687214242
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Published January 1992

The perfect time-saving idea for pastors and their assistants who want to write sensitive, effective letters for every occasion.

This collection includes letters of:
* Thanks
* Condolence/Support/Encouragement
* Congratulations
* Milestone Birthdays
* Accepting/Refusing Invitations
* Welcome
* Attendance Concerns
* Media Contact
* Seasonal Greetings. 

 Letters for Every Occasion offers:
*more than 100 creative, carefully written letters that can be easily adapted for any particular situation
* many unique letterheads to enhance correspondence
* complete stewardship and commitment campaign materials

About the Author

Thomas Tozer

Thomas J. Tozer is editor of Newscope, a current events publication of The United Methodist Publishing House. He previously served as marketing director for a religious publisher.